1. (via Lander working group for an arts and science center closing in on an identity for the project | County 10)

    (via Lander working group for an arts and science center closing in on an identity for the project | County 10)

  2. This reminds me of that

    While stumbling around looking for new points of inspiration, I came across a dish that immediately reminded me of the 2012 Olympics branding for London.

    Design Tip: When looking for queues on modern taste and aesthetic, look towards fashion design, and food trends. Those are heavily funded, and well established lenses for our society. 

    After closer inspection the “Radishes with Burrata” make a great color palette for something fresh / spring, and serve as an example of composition. Now I must get something from the fridge, my mouth is watering. 

  3. https://www.behance.net/gallery/Lander-Art-Walk/15480427?share=1


  4. Best song released today on Spotify.

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  5. http://www.behance.net/gallery/International-Climbers-Festival/9629405

    "Wyoming is nothing but wind and rattlesnakes." This quote is the basis of a climbing route at Wild Iris, Wyoming, and the title of the climbing film about Lander, Wyoming. The 20th Anniversary ICF t-shirt design is an homage to the film and climbing route. People in Lander are also known for telling people not to climb in Wyoming because of all the rattlesnakes. It’s an inside joke.

  6. http://www.behance.net/gallery/2013-Lander-Riverfest-Dollars/8889233

    A fun way to encourage more people to purchase artwork at the 2013 Lander Riverfest. These Riverfest Dollars will be given out to people participating in Lander Art Center events prior to Riverfest. Devon Energy sponsored the project by donating $500. Proceeds will go to local artists and art community. The design time and energy was also donated.

  7. Poster and guerilla marketing for Small Things show at the Lander Art Center. (2012) Posters were put up around town and pennies were placed, face up, around town hoping to be found.

  8. T-shirt Graphic for International Climbers Festival (2012). Inspired by a mix of western grit and climbing mythology. The graphic was also used on the brochures, tickets, and board award. www.facebook.com/climbersfest

  9. My roommate makes beer. I make labels for it. This is the Pale Ale by Black Dog Brewery. (2012) I set up a camera facing out our back window and shot continuously during the week. Then I used a different photo for each label. So meta dynamic!

  10. My roommate home-brews his own beer. I make labels for it. This is Yellow Beer by Black Dog Brewery. (2012)

  11. Stamp for Peggy. (2012) From baby blankets to winter hats, my mom knits like crazy. This stamp can be used on an envelope or card stock to be included along with her creations. The typeface used was custom made for this project and is now a work in progress.

  12. Website for Speed’s Heating & Cooling. (2012) Wordpress site for Lander, Wyoming based company. Speed’s has been installing residential and commercial heating and cooling systems for over 25 years, including geothermal. http://speedsheating.com

  13. Poster for Audubon Wildlife Art Show at the Lander Art Center. (2012)

    Poster for Audubon Wildlife Art Show at the Lander Art Center. (2012)

  14. Eagle Uniform & Supply direct mail postcard. (2012) The goal was to stay within an established brand identity, but create a new postcard without cheesy stock images. I took inspiration from a line card that displayed a variety of floor mats stacked like playing cards, and found uniforms that closely matched the existing color scheme.

  15. Poster and tickets for Valentine’s Day at Old Town. (2012) The poster at the bottom with the hand lettering was an unused concept. http://oldtowncoffee.net/